Daytime Makeup Look

Hello guys! I apologize for being away for so long, I had bad colds and fever for almost three days but I’m pretty sure its not dengue! This post will be talking about the video that I created days ago, if you want to watch the video then here is the link of it.

In this makeup routine, I used drugstore products since its an easy find and absolutely affordable than the high end products.


If you want to recreate that look, then of course you can visit my youtube account or keep on reading my tips and tricks on how to achieve this look.

  1. Have good eyeshadow brushes

Although I do not know what these brushes are called, I can assure you that enough practice would make you familiar with what it can do for your eyes. I’m using the brushes that I found in bazaars, they’re worth a lot less than branded one but still gives you the same effect.


Actually its pretty simple, for hooded eyes be sure that you follow the “eye bone” that you have so it will just recreate the natural shape of your eye and that is best done with the 2nd brush from the left. Its a flat eyeshadow brush but its angled end serves as a guide on when the eyeshadow should end. The other brushes are used mostly to blend everything and put on eyeliner, the last brush on the right is used for smudging the eyeshadow that you put on your lower lash line. Now, if you have hooded eyes be sure to just smudge and align it till the middle of your pupils.

2. Eyeshadow Palette


Now, this is very important. Choose a palette that has lots of colors and texture combinations so you don’t have to buy singles. In my opinion, it would cost you so much if you buy singles unless its really worth it. Opt for palettes since it would give you lots of choices even in different occasions. For this look, I suggest using the coral and brown shades and make sure you use a bit of the ones with glitters and lightly brush it on your lids.

3.    Your base!

I don’t usually use primers especially if I’ll be staying indoors for the whole day, as much as possible I try to avoid this products because I realize that no matter how its made or its ingredients I always react to it, badly. So I went straight to my foundation. Find something that is lightweight and comfortable, I prefer something that’s pretty dewy but feels like a powder finish. I prefer the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation, although my all time favorite is the Loreal True Match Foundation but sadly, I finished that already and I wanted to try this one because of the good reviews I have read about it.


Also, I used the Maybelline Fit me concealer for my underage areas. I don’t know where I might have possibly put it but its not in my makeup kit. But yeah, putting concealers on your under eye area and areas that needed coverage is very important + setting it with a translucent powder would make it last longer


This is actually not my favorite but I haven’t used it in forever so I wanted to give it a try for this makeup look. It worked pretty well actually but I still prefer my other setting powders, like the RCMA No Color Powder.

4.   Eyebrows


I actually prefer using retractables than powders and gels. Its easier to use and you can style your brush with this just the way you want it without it being too waxy, too light or just too much. This will allow you great control and afterwards be sure to use a brow mascara to set it into that feathery look that will surely make it look natural.

5. If you want to insert this on the routine, then use contour and highlighting products.


I haven’t been contouring and highlighting my face lately since I don’t do much makeup these past few days. I’ve been stuck at home, vacation mode and just yesterday I’ve finished my English exam so its time to go back to school next week.

Anyway, what I love about the Maybelline contour stick aside from it being cheap is that its actually really bendable. I prefer using a sponge when blending rather than a brush, it gives you greater control while blending and at the same time really setting that product on your face. I also love the Essence Pure Nude highlighter, this is my second favorite aside from the Becca Champagne Pop highlighter. This is cheaper and gives you the glow your face deserves as well, although I haven’t tried any from the Anastasia palettes. I should put that on my list next. he he

6.  Mascara


I personally love the Maybelline the Falsies! I have tried so many high end products just to find the right mascara 😦 and ended up finding the greatest mascara from the drugstore. I haven’t tried the Loreal Lash Paradise but I’ll surely purchase one when I have the time, this mascara is super nice. I couldn’t explain why it differs from the other mascaras I’ve tried but this one is my favorite so far. And oh, if you don’t have a good eyelash curler just yet, try buying the one from Nichido its a dupe for the Shu uemura eyelash curler.

7. Setting Powder or Powder


This post makes me look like I’m a Maybelline fan but really all my makeup products are from L’Oreal. I love love love love this powder! I’m pretty sure you’ve heard a lot of good reviews about it and I couldn’t say more. Everything in this powder is matte, great for oily skin and you don’t need to use oil blotting paper for so many times even under the sun. It gives you that dewy look after a few hours of wearing it than a super bad oily face.

8.  Lip tint


For a very simple lip look, try using the Tony Moly Liptint. Its a bit drying though but this is one of my favorite liptints. My EB cheek and lip tint is usually for my cheeks than my lips and this one is the perfect shade for warm undertones like me. One of the best lip tints color I’ve ever tried.

That ends my post about that makeup routine. I hope you liked it! I enjoyed making this post and I hope you had a great time reading it as well. Please watch my youtube video and subscribe if you have your own youtube channel as well. See you guys soon!


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