Let’s Get A Little Bit More Personal

Hi, I know I haven’t posted in awhile and this is how I would want try to reintroduce myself in a more detailed way. Well, why you ask? I just feel like I have to connect more with you guys in order to reach out to each and everyone of you, in any way possible; about my dreams, advocacies, aspirations and current well-you-know “life” hehe.

I don’t think I’ll have any stalkers anyway right? So let me tell you a bit of my life by making it into a short story.


I was born in the Philippines, yes I am a Filipina. I am currently 22 years of age, which means I was born on 1997, the month of hearts, February and on the 9th of it. I grew up with my mom and our relatives, mostly mom’s side taking care of me and my older brother. My dad is an amazing dad, he had to leave the Philippines so he could work abroad and provide a better life for us. I never really had an ill feeling towards him for leaving, my parents have been the best that they could be during those times. They never forgot to remind us how love is and how it should be. I remember sending tons of letters to my dad as if he’s just around, I remember him arriving from the airport knowing he’d only stay for 2 weeks as his vacation.. at some point it was heartbreaking.. so I guess everyone just got tired of that scenario hahaha so God blessed us with the opportunity to go there. I guess I was 8 or 9yrs old when my family went to Saudi Arabia, ahhh finally! I get to be with my dad, it wasn’t really that hard to adjust. It actually feels amazing to live in Saudi, everything was cheap! We have winter and summer, I really don’t like the rain to be honest so it all worked out! We had a Filipino community that welcomed us there, church mates that were also Filipinos, a mall filled with Filipinos, Filipino stores, Filipino food, everything Filipino! My heart was full, Saudi Arabia became my second home! 


I wasn’t really serious with my school when I was younger, I wasn’t an honor student. In fact I was so tanned because all I do is play outside on school days and on weekends. I had lots of head lice from playing with different kids, and how the heck would I know who’s infected with the head lice? Anyway not the point. I guess I just needed to put this block of paragraph right here because at some point I wanted to be proud of it.

My mom is the most amazing teacher I’ve ever had. She would wake me up at 4am just to read ABAKADA and ABC’s. I learned how to read and write at the age of 3 and mastered everything at the age of 4. I don’t even know if that was normal, but I loved studying. All I wanted was to go to school with my brother, I wasn’t an honor student when I was a kid because I was never pressured by my parents to be one! I love my mom with all my heart, she’s so proud of what I am even though I never had her set foot on a stage to put a medal on me.

Everything changed though when I got into high school, I told myself that I had a great childhood! All I did was played, my parents allowed me to be the kid I wanted to be, they didn’t pressure me, my grades didn’t define who I was.. I was a kid, a normal one and I loved it. So when I got into highschool, I pushed myself. I learned my study habits, I learned all my study techniques, I learned how to discipline my free time, my sleep time. Everything revolved in making my parents proud and of course to graduate with honors. And so I did, I graduated with honors! I finally made them set foot on the stage to put a medal on me, I graduated with a second honorable mention, so top 5 in my whole class! Not bad right? I was constantly on the Top 10! It felt great, I saw how my parents smiled and I’m glad I made them happy. I was never pressured, my whole life… they let me be. My heart is yet full again..

I went back to the Philippines for my college years and took up Bachelors of Science in Nursing. It was difficult to adjust tbh, it felt like I was in a whole different culture again but it felt nice to be home! There were no shawarmas, everything felt expensive from transportation to food to clothes. It wasn’t chaos, I felt like I was in the right place. God is good because this is also where I found Him and the truth. Studying Nursing isn’t that bad at all, waking up early morning for duty is. 2 weeks duty, 2 weeks class for your whole 4 years. It was exhausting, but I wanted to make my parents proud so I worked hard for every single exam, quizzes and presentations. I was a constant Dean’s Lister, I was a constant part of the top notchers’ list during our exams, I graduated Magna Cum Laude and earned the BSN title. I am proud because my parents raised me well, they let me be and this is where it led me.


I passed the PNLE last November 2017, I didn’t make it to the top 10! Almost, close, but not that close! But its okay, I didn’t expect it anyway, I didn’t even expect to pass but God was so good and I did! I didn’t work right away because I wanted to take the NCLEX ( US Examination) so I could go to the US right away, I didn’t work for a year because I reviewed and focused on my growth other than my title. I focused on blogging, on making my career grow on that aspect, I met new and great people! I was happy, but I also needed to grow on my profession so I worked for two months on a hospital setting! I learned how the Philippine healthcare system sucks, all its downfalls, the toxic work environment, the less than minimum wage salary, the non-theoretical practices.. I learned all the negatives, but what I learned is the heart of being a Nurse. I loved being able to discharge patients I’ve taken care of for the past few weeks, I cry after a failed resuscitation, I smile after a successful operation.. I was a ward nurse, it was difficult.. but it was fulfilling. Sadly, I had to stop since I had to focus on another set of review before my NCLEX exam, baby steps.. took a while, but I passed my NCLEX on my birthday this year and I’m now a USRN as well!

I still didn’t go back to a hospital setting after passing, I might be leaving soon so I focused all my attention to blogging. I now work and promote brands that I’ve never imagined I could work with. I’m not that big yet, but I’m making progress everyday! I found amazing people, new people I could work and grow with.. and I love every bit of it! Tiring, but worth it! I hope I get more new projects so I could share more of them to you! My heart is full ❤


I am so blessed that I’ve met Jacob, the most amazing man I could ever asked for. To be honest, I had lots of failed relationships before. There was an MU relationship, a flirting relationship and an official relationship. None of those succeeded, everything contributed to my growth but none of them let me bloom as much as I did today. I guess you really will bloom with the right person, take it from me.. I did. We actually have a youtube video of how we met and how everything happened, maybe you could check it out so I don’t have to make this post a lovey-dovey one? Here’s the link.

Anyway, we’ve been together for 4 years now, going 5 on June 8! My goodness, it didn’t even feel that long. I still feel kilig everytime he goes online, my heart still flutters everytime he says how much he loves me. The love is still very much alive, and I love how we are and how I am with him. He is a blessing, forever will be. We got engaged last 2017, 2 months after we graduated! Everyone will say its too early, I don’t actually care. We’ve decided its better to make it official than do things that only married people should do, I’m not coming clean, I’m saying we’re trying to stay true and pure from all of the mistakes we did back then. Also, there’s this disorder I have called PCOS and I wanted to try having a baby before I hit the age of 27, if I don’t then I’m probably not gonna have one… ever.. it makes me sad, but it keeps me sane knowing I still have lots of time to try.. with the person I truly love. We’re now in the process of waiting for our Fiance Visa papers to finish, we’re getting married as soon as I get there in America. This is my advise to all of you, you can marry anytime you want AS LONG AS you know that it is the right person, not just you… your friends, your families, your colleagues.. make sure your relationship is blessed by each one of those and continually pray for your relationship. TRUST ME, you’ll know when its the right person and you’ll know when its the right time. Don’t listen to other people’s timelines, you can do your own milestone at your own phase, just continuously pray and be still, GOD will do the rest. You do you, your heart will be full.


I am a Christian, I think this would be a very sensitive topic so I’ll keep it concise as much as I could. I was never a great Christian, I am a sinner.. in fact I am probably one of the most sinful people you know. I am not pure, I am dirty. I curse, I laugh at other people’s mishap, I don’t love all my neighbors, I have ungodly thoughts, my actions towards other is not in accordance with His will. I fall every time, I sin everyday.. and everyday that I acknowledge my sins, I slowly hate it. I slowly abhor every sin I keep on doing, I feel disgusted of the sin. I pause and pray, because I know with every sin that I do, God gets hurt… and I think my transformation started when I met the Lord and know more of Him through the Adventist’s teachings. I am still not perfect, I’m not even near it! But I try to slowly remove all my sinful habits, I try to straighten my path with prayer, I keep the people who reminds me that God is a great God, I seek the Lord with the right people, I try to keep myself free at some moment because I WANT to focus on knowing more about our LORD. I also believe that it matters on what sect you are on, I know we all worship the Lord.. that we worship one God, but I also believe that His teachings are there for a reason, and your religion matters because what they teach matter. So maybe I’ll end it with this. I hope you find your home, a church where you feel the Lord and his teachings, a church where you feel accepted and transformed. Only the Holy Spirit, our Lord thy God could transform you.. but find your home, find your home so you would continuously find the Lord, even at your downfall.. with the right people. I’m glad I found mine, my heart is full.

PS: Please do ignore typos and grammar errors. I wanted it to be a chill and raw version of myself, I make mistakes. hahahaha love you all ❤

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