Applying for NCLEX- Northern Mariana Islands State (Saipan)

Congratulations! If you are reading this, you probably now have the courage to start applying for your NCLEX exam and reach your dream of becoming a USRN! Haven’t passed the NLE yet? No problem! Saipan BON accepts foreign applications even without your local nursing license just yet! Not just that, above all the other states, Saipan offers the easiest and fastest way of applying without the hassle of sending off your fingerprint card or applying for your CGFNS credentials! Plus, you can DO IT ON YOUR OWN without needing an agency’s help! How easy it is? Let me break it down for you in three easy steps!

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Let’s Get A Little Bit More Personal

Hi, I know I haven’t posted in awhile and this is how I would want try to reintroduce myself in a more detailed way. Well, why you ask? I just feel like I have to connect more with you guys in order to reach out to each and everyone of you, in any way possible; about my dreams, advocacies, aspirations and current well-you-know “life” hehe.

I don’t think I’ll have any stalkers anyway right? So let me tell you a bit of my life by making it into a short story.


I was born in the Philippines, yes I am a Filipina. I am currently 22 years of age, which means I was born on 1997, the month of hearts, February and on the 9th of it. I grew up with my mom and our relatives, mostly mom’s side taking care of me and my older brother. My dad is an amazing dad, he had to leave the Philippines so he could work abroad and provide a better life for us. I never really had an ill feeling towards him for leaving, my parents have been the best that they could be during those times. They never forgot to remind us how love is and how it should be. I remember sending tons of letters to my dad as if he’s just around, I remember him arriving from the airport knowing he’d only stay for 2 weeks as his vacation.. at some point it was heartbreaking.. so I guess everyone just got tired of that scenario hahaha so God blessed us with the opportunity to go there. I guess I was 8 or 9yrs old when my family went to Saudi Arabia, ahhh finally! I get to be with my dad, it wasn’t really that hard to adjust. It actually feels amazing to live in Saudi, everything was cheap! We have winter and summer, I really don’t like the rain to be honest so it all worked out! We had a Filipino community that welcomed us there, church mates that were also Filipinos, a mall filled with Filipinos, Filipino stores, Filipino food, everything Filipino! My heart was full, Saudi Arabia became my second home! 

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Pop of Satin; Look Forward to Fall 2018 Collection

Imagine yourself walking down the roads of NYC to get a cup of coffee early in the morning, you reached for your bag only to realize that you forgot to bring one. Its probably and honestly because its not the main statement of your outfit. Herschel Supply Co recently launched their Fall 2018 Collection and I must say that their new line is absolutely stunning. People who loves fashion and traveling mainly decides based on comfort and style, but what about versatility? This is what the Fall 2018 collection offers.

Photo Sep 13, 6 26 25 PM

From old fabrics, styles and colors to new pops of different textures, fashion and tones. My absolute favorite is the line of the Flight Satins! There’s no complaint on that, for a person who likes to travel and carry less, I’m totally in love with the texture and size of these new bags!

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My Editing Software + Favorite Preset

Hello everyone! How are you? I know most of you already know my instagram and youtube account. Its nice to be included in a new community other than facebook filled with people that I obviously already know in real life. Anyway, since a lot of new people noticed my new feed on instagram, there are lots of you who are asking about my filters and … Continue reading My Editing Software + Favorite Preset